Bar Hire

bar hire in Oxfordshgire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and The Cotswold

Bar Hire in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire and London

Looking for bar hire that offers all levels of flexibility for your forthcoming event? Then look no further – Passion Bar Hire provides a reliable, friendly and professional bar service for any occasion.

We regularly provide mobile bars for all kinds of events that are held within any venue/marquee that doesn’t offer this facility. Passion Bar Hire is a stress free solution to ensuring the success of your occasion, from simple bars providing a range of ‘kegged’ beer and branded spirits, to Pimms tents and Champagne bars.

We provide bar hire services in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire and London, we cater for balls, parties, weddings, corporate gatherings and events in all sorts of weird and wonderful venues.

Cocktails, maybe! Passion Bar Hire can supply professional mixologists and flair barmen to suit all occasions, which can add a special ‘sparkle’ to your event in the capable hands of our trained barmen.

“Bar Passion” can also offer a bespoke solution for your event which can be themed and styled to work in conjunction with your own ideas, and we are happy to listen and work with you to ensure that your occasion is a great success.

We hold a personal licence to sell and serve alcohol and can therefore apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TENS) on your behalf within any County.

We can service your bar requirements in a number of ways. The following options below are samples of what we can offer, but we are happy to discuss other solutions tailored to suit your event.

Bar Hire Services

  • Full Cash Bar – this option allows guests to pay for drinks just as you would in any normal pub or bar.
  • Pre-Paid Bar – this option allows you to put a pre-agreed amount of money ‘behind the bar’ for guests to drink ‘on you’. Once the agreed limit has been reached, the bar can then revert into a Cash Bar.
  • Pre-Paid Bar Unlimited – this option allows you to provide free drinks to all of your guests for the duration of your event, we will then invoice you for the final amount after the event.
  • Bar tokens – this option allows guests a number of free drinks at the beginning of your event, or you may wish for certain guests (e.g. family members, bridal party, VIPs) to receive free drinks over the whole event, whilst other guests pay. In this case, we can provide bar tokens to these guests and we will provide an invoice for the final amount after the event.